July 14, 2024 12:00 pm


Questions and answers we need to read in order to get a little bit more familiar with our business:

Question: Do you have any specific criterias when you publish an offer?

Yes. We do. The companies must be with low offers as well as quality services. We do NOT publish regular offers, that they usually have on their sites. We only list offer, which have discounts and are well written, in order the potential client to see what he will get for the money he pays. Providers who are in the hosting business less than 12 months have to display their WHOIS information. We really stick to honesty and trust.

Question: I am selling VPS and/or dedicated servers. Want to post an offer. How to do it?

You need to contact us, or your can add your offer here, we will review it and published it ASAP. For a fast approval, you need to have the following stuff in your offer:

– Company name, site screenshot, domain and logo (in is not necessary, but recommended).
– Location of the server and data center that your hosting use (IPs and more details will make the offer more clean).
– The price of the promoted services (you will need codes in order to track them).
– What type of virtualization you have (VMWare, OpenVZ, Xen).
– Important details of what you offer, such as: CPU, memory, disk/storage space, port speed, bandwidth and more about the plan.

The best your offer is presented, the greatest results you will get from it. Stick to our requirements and your offer will be online with no time.

Question: When should I get an email, after I wrote you? Do you reply fast?

Yes, we reply ASAP. If your offer is not published in the next few days, we will send you an email. Probably there is some issue, that we want to fix before get it online. We will answer you ASAP after you reach us. We want to make things happen, so we will get back to you in short period of time.

Question: Can you change/fix/update my resent offer I have published?

Yes. In order the information to be up-to-date, we will update it. Just send us a ticket or contact us, and will do our best to update it with the new details. You need to know that we want remove the posted information. In case is not valid, we will just write it in.

Question: How should a good offer look like?

You can browse our site and see how a well presented offer should look like. You can stick to the regular offer look or you can modified it the way you want. It is important to be known, that it must meet our criterias. In other case, it will NOT be published.

Question: What results will I get, once I publish my offer?

The results mostly depend on some really important elements:

– The price of the service (VPS or/and dedicated server)
– The features you offer in the offer
– The way you present it
– The trust your company and services have
– The discussion you run with the people who have question about the offer
– The way you visually write and add the offer

You can make sure, that we generate IT traffic and the best the offer match their needs, the more sales you will get.

Question: How often offers are added on your site?

It depends on how often the hosting companies release their attractive offers. It could have up to 3 and more offer per day, it could have also the same digit per week, or even month.

Hope you are now familiar with how it works and we will wait for your offer, as well as, people to comment and purchase them.

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